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Current Projects

Principles of Responsible Investment

The United Nations has issued its Six Principles of Responsible Investment. This will become an industry norm in the near future. You should be prepared. People and Innovation is ready to assist.

Victorian Schools Bushfire Preparedness Assessment

People and Innovation is working with Ernst & Young to assess ability of Victorian School to function appropriately during an emergency

Risk Management Services

People and Innovation is a leading independent provider of Risk Management Services that combines industry experts, risk modeling, practical engineering and technology based solutions. Through a comprehensive and integrated risk management approach, People and Innovation is committed to assist its clients in managing their operational, security, and catastrophic risks to minimize business interruption of their operations.
We do not design risk systems. Clients must have a strong ownership our role is advisory to ensure that an in-house system is adopted, understood and used.

We specializes in using innovative applications of the Australian risk standard to help government agencies and corporations with loss exposures in the non financial area make the best use of their limited resources to achieve their organizational performance goals.

This capability supports the implementation of similar techniques that the insurance industry utilizes to manage their exposure and levels the playing field through an independent view of risk.
Our expertise and independence enable Risk Officers to optimize their corporate risk strategy through a variety of risk transfer, financing and mitigation approaches focused on their corporate objectives. Our risk management expertise enables our clients to control or reduce their exposure to loss, and maximize their business continuity programs through effective risk planning for these extreme risk events, including impact to their supply chains.